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Sprachkurse intensiv in Wien Intensivkurse Englisch in Wien

Englisch Crash Kurse in Wien im Sommer

Englisch Intensivkurse für Erwachsene oder SchülerInnen finden an der Sprachschule Amerika-Institut regelmäßig statt. Unsere Englisch Intensivkurse laufen meist 2 - 3 Wochen und 4 x wöchentlich. In den Sommermonaten bieten wir Englisch Sommer Intensivkurse für Erwachsene und SchülerInnen. Bei Englischkursen für SchülerInnen unterscheiden wir zwischen Englisch Nachhilfe und Englisch Begabtenförderung. Englisch Nachhilfe für SchülerInnen findet oft im Einzelunterricht oder in Kleingruppen statt.

Road Trip through the US - Language and Activity Workshop for Children & Youth

18. - 22. Juli ODER 25. - 29. Juli ODER 1. - 5. August ODER 22. - 26. August, 2022

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This year we are taking you on a road trip through the USA and possibly some places in Canada! Interested?

Then come to the AAIE English language and activity weeks this summer. Learn how to speak, read and write in English, so you can become a global citizen and experienced traveller. 

We will take you to famous cities such as New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles but also to some natural wonders - Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon and other magical places. In the mornings, we will study the English language and work on a research project. We will eat lunch together and build a good class community. In the afternoons, we will play games, make crafts and maybe create a drama piece in English. We will also go on trips around Vienna such as the Museum of Natural History or the World Museum.

Wir bieten einen "language & activity workshop" , der neben konventionellem Sprachunterricht auch zahlreiche spannende Aktivitäten in englischer Sprache bietet. Die SchülerInnen lernen durch Sprechen und Hören, durch Spiele, Lieder und Filme. Neben den Unterrichtsstunden im Klassenraum wird die Gruppe kleine Exkursionen im 1. Bezirk unternehmen und in den Workshop einbauen.

Durch die geringe Teilnehmeranzahl hat die Trainerin Raum und Zeit, sich jeder/m einzelner/n SchülerIn zu widmen. Die SchülerInnen bauen durch Spaß und Erfolgserlebnisse im English Workshop eine positive und natürliche Verbindung zur englischen Sprache auf.

Ausflüge, Snacks und leichtes Mittagessen: im Preis inkludiert

min. 4 - max.8
Euro 370.--

18. - 22. Juli

6. - 8. Jahre:        Status: frei

25. - 29. Juli

9. - 11. Jahre       Status: 6 Plätze

01. - 05. August

12. - 15. Jahre      Status: 7 Plätze

22. - 26. August

13. - 15. Jahre     Status: 6 Plätze


jeweils Mo - Fr 09.30 - 16.30 Uhr

35 Unterrichtsstunden

Fragen Sie nach unserer Geschwisterermäßigung!

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Englisch Seminar: The Glass Ceiling - Business is women´s business

one the way to leadership - making yourself heard

Two-Day-Workshop: October 15 & 16, 2021

Level: B2

4 - max 8
Euro 390.-

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Business Seminar: Yes we have no bananas

service minded and deescalating communication

One-Day-Workshop: September 17, 2021

Level: B1 - B2

8 x 50 minutes incl coffee breaks

4 - max. 8
Euro 250.-


To learn how I can say YES when my answer is NO

To improve awareness of the consequences of my own communication signals and reflecting actions

To be aware of the pitfalls of German to English – Being polite in German can be offensive in English

To train my fluency and routine in deescalating, respectful and reassuring communication

To become emotionally well-equipped against personal exposure to verbal attacks, anger and frustration

To define and establish my basic and authentic attitude of service mindedness

To enhance my ability to apply my good communication skills in encounters under stressful circumstances


 This approach emphasizes the enhancement of the existing experience- and expertise potential
of the adult learner. Andragogy-based teaching/training approaches refer to the experience of life, maturity and professionality of the adult learner as opposed to the feeding of facts and drilling of skills that is common in pedagogics (teaching children). The success of andragogy-based teaching/training courses is mainly due to:

  Integration of existing know-how and experience

  Activating associations

  Self-detecting relevant questions/problems

  Encouraging self-motivation by defining personal aims

  Motivating self-evaluation by emphasis on personal responsibility for learning success


  Establishing group dynamics, identification and confidence

  Questions and problems market place      




  Reflection and feed back

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Englisch Seminar: Business As Usual reloaded

July 6 - 16, 2021 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

17.00 - 20.00 (Tue & Wed)

14.00 - 17.00 (Fr)

18 x 50 Minuten Unterricht, Material inkludiert

BAU - July
2 - 8 Personen
Euro 425.--

In the year 2000, for the very first time in its history, the European Union imposed diplomatic sanctions on a member state – Austria! – in reaction to the entry of Joerg Haider's extreme right-wing Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs into a coalition government, freezing bilateral relations with our Alpine republic.

Within a few days of the beginning of this crisis, the Austro-American Institute of Education developed a highly specialized English-language seminar, Business As Usual.  This advanced-level class was designed for members of parliament, political parties, and cultual organizations, as well as for businesss leaders of all backgrounds, to revise political terminology, and to help participants deal with important topics in idiomatic and appropriate English. This  seminar was even spotlighted on Der Report, an Austrian political TV program.

And now, twenty years later, it’s time to re-load Business as (Un)usual, to engage with the epochal consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic tidal wave: in what ways will the new normal differ from the old? And what previous trends has the crisis „merely“ accellerated, or even reversed?

Join our high-level  language seminar and discuss some of the hottest topics of today´s (business) world:


To facilitate discussion of the topics in class, reading material will be provided in advance. Participants will also be invited to share their views, allowing everyone to benefit from their specific knowledges and unique perspectives


John HESS trained as a historian at the University of California Berkeley, and has since worked as a jurist, manager, and English trainer, with an emphasis on coaching in business. He is an expert historian with a working knowlege including the fields of law, human biology, finance, political economy, complex systems theory, and current trends in business and technology. He has lived in four European countries, and has been residing continuously in Europe since 2000.

Selected Topics:

"After Covid: The New Future of Business".

* Shortening Supply Chains? the revenge of reliability?

* Transportation and the Zoom Effect: moving electrons rather than people?

* Finance: future perspectives for the financial system in the wake of historic Covid-related deficit spending

* Big business gets bigger: economic concentration and the Covid accelerant

* Factory farming in the age of the global pandemic

* Real Estate: is the age of the office over? And will cities bounce back?

* Managing Covid: the American Century ends, and the Chinese Century begins?

* Europe: after Brexit, and Covexit

* Ripe for disruption? Health care after Covid

* "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste" -- Covid as opportunity for business rationalization and restructuring

* Robots don't get sick: Covid and the acceleration of automation

* Public Health 2021: the pandemic v. individualized medicine


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Englisch Nachhilfe August 2021

Unsere Nachhilfekurse laufen in kleinen Gruppen und richten sich an (in Englisch) schwache SchülerInnen. Die Inhalte umfassen Grammatik, Wortschatz, Schreiben und Hörverständnis. Die Kurse sind für SchülerInnen mit guten Englischnoten, die Konversation aufbauen wollen, nicht geeignet! Bitte geben Sie bei Anfragen das Alter des/der SchülerIn an, die Schulart, die abgeschlossene Schulstufe und ob eine Wiederholungsprüfung absolviert werden muss. (WP fallen heuer Coronabedingt aus)

3 - 8 Personen
300.-- €

16. August - 28. August

 Mo - Sa 09.00 - 12.00

Einteilung nach Alterstufen/Klassen

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Englisch Intensivkurse Mini Gruppe für Erwachsene inkl TOEIC Zertifizierung

28. Juni  - 15. Juli 2021 (vormittag Mo - Do), Sprachlevel B1.2/B2.1

22 x 90 Minuten Unterricht PLUS internationale TOEIC Zertifizierung L & R

4 - 6 Personen
550,- €


IK  Juli   Mo - Do, 09.00 - 12.15   Status: ausverkauft

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