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Austro American Institute English Online classes or english on-site classes

update: November 2014

Course Registration/Course Reservation

Registration can be done personally, via phone or fax or by email. For course reservations we charge Euro 20.- non-refundable reservation fee. The reservation fee is part of the total course fee.

Teaching Units

Our course units are 50 minutes (i.e. courses run 75 or 100 minutes). Course units cancelled by a teacher or the institute will be made up for. If course participants do not show up for classes no substitute classes/units are possible. AAIE reserves the right to cancel courses that do not reach the minimum number of participants up to the 3rd week of the semester. Course participants will either get a full refund of their course fee, or can choose to participate in another course. Courses could also be shortened upon agreement.

Guest Cards

For most courses (not for mini groups/ series 18) guest cards are possible. Guest cards are for a one-time visit of a course. Guest cards should help the participant to decide for the right course. We charge Euro 20.- for a guest card. This fee is deducted if a course is booked.

Course Fees/Cancellations

Course fees can be paid in cash, by card or via bank transfer. Course fees need to be paid one week prior to the course start at the latest. If a participant cancels a course less than 2 weeks prior to the course start, 20% of the course fee needs to be paid. If a participant cancels less than 1 week prior to the course start, 50% of the course fee will be charged. For course changes (after payment) a service fee of Euro 10.- will be charged.

AAIE course fees include 10% VAT. Participants who cannot come for the entire semester (i.e. all course weeks) cannot get a reduced fee. Course fees cannot be refunded in cash, but will be given as course vouchers.

If a course is cancelled by AAIE a full refund of the course fee will be given. If a participant does not attend a course after the start of the course no refunds can be given and the full course fee will be charged. If e.g. COVID numbers require or suggest, a course can be switched to distance learning.

AAIE does not charge any initial service fee/registration fee.


Various types of reductions cannot be added up. If several reductions are possible the highest possible reduction will be granted.

  • Family Bonus/Double Bookings

Bookings of 2 courses by one person or a family member (in the same semester) result in a euro 20.- reduction of the total course fee. An additional reduction of Euro 10.- is given for each additional course booked in the same semester.

  • Senior Citizen Bonus

10% reduction on all courses for people who have reached the age of 60

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