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Online-test, entry level test english  Language School Vienna

Please complete the following multiple-choice test to assess your passive language proficiency. Your active knowledge usually lags slightly behind your passive results. Please work without any aids to avoid distorting the outcome. Choosing the right course is of central importance! The test consists of 51 questions and typically takes about 15 minutes on average.

Please click on the correct answer option. You can only click once and will receive immediate feedback. After completing the test, please send it to us to receive suggestions for suitable courses and potential training opportunities.

We would be happy to provide detailed guidance. Good luck!

John is by far ________ person I know. What do you think?

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I go to work _______ bus every day. This is definitely the most convenient way for me.

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The prices and rental fees for apartments in Vienna _______ recently. The real estate market is booming.

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The new student has not _______ many mistakes at all. I am very glad we decided to accept him in this program.

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Please, don't forget to come. The business meetings always begin _______ time. Our boss is very strict.

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Alex Coldwell managed that company _______ the late sixties. He still is a legend and everyone working here admires him.

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This delightful chair is made _______ wood. Not the material I was originally looking for but it fits the rest of the furniture.

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It is a very _______ chair, isn´t it? At least it seems to be.

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My bike is finally _______. I have to find someone to repair it or look into other options. E-bikes are big these days. Do you think I should look into those?

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Sarah, I can't hear a word of what he is saying on the phone. Please, turn _______ the music.

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Our sales _______ up over the last years. Great for us especially as this is completely against the general market. Finally all the hard work pays off.

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I _______ in this company for more than 10 years. I am thinking of doing something different in the future. Now I am still young enough to make a change.

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If our business continues to grow like that we _______ market leaders in a few years. The company is really performing well.

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If we _______ market leaders I could most likely negotiate a higher salary with my boss. He might actually offer it himself.

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Can I _______ you to Mr. Peterson? He is the new head of marketing. I think the two of you have something in common. Mr. Peterson graduated from Columbia as well if I am not mistaken.

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Hello, I am _______ to meet you. We have heard a lot about you. I was in the Class of '93 at Columbia Business School. You seem to be much younger though, Mr. Peterson.

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Presently I _______ for the Amerika-Institut, the oldest English speaking cultural institute of Austria.

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This institute _______ in the first district of Vienna and was founded in 1926 between the 2 big wars. The idea of eternal peace was one of the main forces behind the institute´s founding.

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It is _______ the Vienna State Opera. What an excellent location! Right in the historic center of Vienna.

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Once you enter the building you come into a beautiful courtyard. The office and the classrooms are _______ the first floor.

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There are about 30 _______ teaching for the AAIE. They are carefully selected. Quality is so important and teaching truely is a complex job. Many people underestimate the job and the skills you need.

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Many of the trainers come from countries _______ America, England or Australia, some from South Africa. What they all share is a passion for teaching and the love to work with people.

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English language training is the speciality of AAIE.The institute offers _______ 30 English language courses.

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Courses vary in size, level and intensity. In the lower level courses we teach _______ things.

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The institute has various classrooms. They are different in _______.

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The summer heat has been unbearable so far. There is a storm coming. The clouds look _______.

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The new teacher who has been hired by the advisory board _______ me of John Upright.

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Oh no! I made a _______ again. I am not sure if bookkeeping is my kind of thing. I am not exact enough.

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Well, it was not really an easy problem you _______. A rather complex matter actually.

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Yes, it was a highly _______ matter one could say but still the figures need to be correct in the end and they weren´t.

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Think about it again. The solution to that problem is not that _______. I am sure you can figure it out.

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The President of the United States of America is _______ at the end of January. The elections take place earlier.

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It is believed that he will represent the country in a very _______ way. What do you think?

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His actual background is the _______ business, but I think he also worked at several banks.

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He was also _______ at a big international agency I hear.

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True. I was really surprised _______ to go into politics. Personally I would not have done that but the power factor might have been the reason.

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If he _______ in his old job he would have made more money. Politics doesn´t pay that well after all.

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You are right. I don't know if it was a smart decision _______ the old job but we need to respect his decision.

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All I can say is that if I _______ in the lottery I will buy a big house. I am pretty sure I would quit my present job.

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Not me. If I _______ I'd be happy but I would for sure continue working. I think that just hanging out can get boring after a while.

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Had I won the big house, I _______ my entire family to move in. That could be cool. A huge family like in the good old days...

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They own a lovely country house up in Vermont. As far as I know they _______ it last year, didn´t they?

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Yes, last year or the year before. I can't remember now. What I do know is that they spent $300.000.- on the house. This is quite a fortune if you consider that they make _______ than $40.000.- a year.

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I think I heard they inherited some money from John´s mother. Anyway, that sounds like a small fortune. It's really _______ money. Maybe they had some savings too?

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Well, none of our business really, but we should not forget that the costs to maintain the house are _______ low.

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I hope they _______ in Vermont. The place where their house is is pretty remote. Definitely gorgeous, but in the middle of nowhere.

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Ha, I still hope we can get _______ one day. It sounds like a great party location.

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I understand that the phone lines _______ within the next hour or so. Let´s keep our fingers crossed.

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Exactly, all the technicians have to do is _______ the new router...

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...and then our own internal software specialist _______ this device. This incident has shown us again how much we depend on our infrastructure.

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Thank you for participating.
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